Hunting Simulator 1.6

Hunting Simulator is an advanced Android & iOS rifle simulator for hunters that want to practice their shooting skills using accurate real-time visual ballistics.
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  • X-ray view of vital organs
  • Animal types, roedeer, moose, deer, wildboar, fox, and greyleg goose.
  • Shooting distance up to 500m using real ballistics.
  • Accurate adjustable reticle using first and second focal plane.
  • Vertical angled shooting.
  • Different landscapes/environments.
  • Imperial / metric units.
  • Ammo presets,  22-250, 223, 6.5-55, 308, 30-06, 300wm.
  • Custom ballistic input.
  • Slow motion bullet when shooting makes the bullet path more visible.
  • Simulation of low light condition.
  • Unsteady aim.
  • Hunting mode generating random scenarios.

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